Roon will be added to mini-i series after being certified

2020-09-30 13:53News

According to Roon Labs latest policies, uncertified devices would not be enabled as a play zone of the Roon system from September 21st.

As the Roon Ready test of the mini-i Pro 3 and mini-i 3 is still in progres, users of mini-i Pro 3 and mini-i 3 will be affected by this new policy before the certification finished. The device cannot work as a Roon Ready network player.

Matrix respect Roon Labs’ decisions, because Roon Ready certification ensures an excellent user experience Roon and its partner hardwares.

We are in close contact with Roon Labs. Based on our experience of Roon implementation for the element series products, hopefully we can get the certification within 1 month. We will actively coordinate and speed up the certification process to minimize the impact to our customers.

Thank you for your understanding!

Note: element X, element P, element M and element i have completed Roon Ready certification and will not be affected by this new policy.