XMOS firmware upgrade for element series streamers

2020-01-10 13:48News


1. Fixed the issue that distortion happens when playback 176.4kHz PCM audio.

2. Fixed the issue that playback interupted after long time playback.

Range of application:

Matrix element X, element P, element M

Download link of update tool and firmwares:



1. The file package contains firmwares for element X, element P andelement M located in separated folders.


2. The DFU tool for update is also attached in the file package, which can run on Windows without installation.

3. Be sure to select the correct firmware file for update according to your product model. If the wrong firmware file is loaded, the device will not work properly.

Update method

1.The update requires a computer with Windows operating system, and make sure that your computer has the USB driver for the Matrix device installed.

2. Connect the element device to the computer using the supplied USB cable.

3. Turn on the element device and set the input channel to USB Audio. The screen on the device will display the sampling rate correctly.


4. Run "Matrix_AudioDfu.exe". When the device is properly connected and recognized correctly, the version number before the upgrade should be v3.00. The DFU tool will appear as follows:


5. Click "Browse" button, find and select the firmware file.


6. When ready, click the "Start" button.


7. After the update is complete, if the DFU tool displays the current firmware version as v3.30 and "Firmware upgrade finished successfully" appears, the upgrade was successful.