element X Streamer Combo Firmware Update Guide

2019-03-07 10:30News

element X has been released for a while, with the help of the first users and the beta members in China, the firmware of element X and MA Remote have been refined. Recently, we released the first major update of this product, which includes ARM firmware and MCU firmware, as well as the mobile app MA Remote.


The reason why we think this update is 'major', is this update supports ROON, and improved NAS support. What's even more exciting is that MATRIX has innovatively added the 'dual system' into element X. If a user accidentally interrupts the firmware upgrade, the backup system ensures element X can work normally.

Click here to download the latest MA Remote app.

ARM version: 1.2.21

MCU version: 1.6

What's new:

Update instruction:

1. Every time you run MA Remote, the app will automatically check for updates. When the new version of the MCU or ARM firmware are available, MA Remote will pop up a notification. Click the “Install” button to start update.


2. The firmware of the ARM will be updated first. During the ARM firmware update process, the screen on element X is displayed as follows:

3. During the MCU upgrade process, the screen on element X displays as shown below. During this process, the LED on the front panel will flash in red light.

4. element X will reboot automatically after the upgrade is complete.

MA Remote v1.0.0: