Matrix is authorized to use Hi-Res Audio logo by JAS

2018-01-19 14:09News

We are delighted to announce, there are 11 models in 4 series products of Matrix have been identified to fully meet "Hi-Resolution Audio" standard defined by Japan Audio Society, and is therefore authorised to use Hi-Res Audio logos on the following products by JAS.

 Category  Models
 Mini-i Pro 2S
 Mini-i Pro 2
 Quattro II
 Amplifiers  M-Stage HPA-3U⁺
 M-Stage HPA-3B
 M-Stage HPA-2 Classic
 Mini-i AMP
 USB to S/PDIF Converter  X-SPDIF


Hi-Res Audio is a standard dedicated for high quality audio devices which proposed by Sony, and jointly defined by JAS and CEA. The purpose of developing Hi-Res Audio devices is to guarantee the quality of recording and storage, and the reproduction of music. Hi-Res audio contains much more sound information and details than normal CDs.

The Hi-Res Audio logo certificate for Matrix X-SABRE Pro

Click here to see the full certificate document.

For a long time, Matrix has been exploring in high resolution audio field. Since the first generation Mini-i DAC was introduced in 2009, Matrix has been using the Hi-Res Audio standard as a benchmark for our products. A variety of DACs, including the Rip, Cube, Quattro and Mini-portable, have conformed 24Bit/192kHz sampling rate audio stream decoding ability. At the end of 2017, Matrix formally submitted the certification application to the Japan Audio Society for the DACs and amplifiers currently in production. On January 15, 2018, we received the certificates of the following products officially approved by JAS.