Matrix exhibited products on AV Show 2017, Poland

2017-10-17 13:00News

The Audio Video Show 2017 is the biggest audio video exhibition in Poland and the one of the largest in Europe. C4i is an authorized dealer of Matrix in Poland, in this exhibition, C4i representitive Matrix team to show our products at the headphone area in PGE National Stadium (Level 1). 

The exhibition took place in 3 locations in Warsaw. Two hotels in the center of Warsaw and National Stadium, which is the most interesting position on exhibition map since a few years. Our main aim was to present great sound quality coming from complete installation based on USB communication. As a transport we used not only Windows mini PC with installed Foobar2000, Jriver and Tidal Hi-Fi, but also various Android TV Boxes with USB audio output which succesfuly supports Hi-Res files.

Most of the guest were pretty impressed by the build quality of the devices and the sound quality.  The most popular model was Mini-i Pro 2S due to all functionalities it gives. The X-Sabre Pro working with M-Stage HPA-3B where were also popular  as it is well known because of popular previous model and great reviews.