element series

A: The USB ports of element series products are USB 2.0 ports, there is no limit on the capacity of the USB storage devices that can be connected theoretically, but the more music files are stored, the longer the file scanning time required to mount the storage.
A: There is no limit theoretically. The maximum capacity that has been tested and works normally is 400GB.
A: - There is no limit theoretically, but the more music files you stored, the longer the file scanning time required to mount the storage.
  - Please ensure that the added folder contains only music files to improve file scanning efficiency.
A: NTFS, exFAT or FAT32 formats, NTFS is most recommended.
A: The AirPlay function of element series products currently only supports 44.1kHz sampling rate.
A: Please check if the volume is set to proper position on the Apple device (iOS device or MAC device).
A: - Please check whether the voltage switch is set to the correct position. If the input voltage is too low, the device will not work properly. If the input voltage is much higher than the voltage set on the unit, the device may be damaged.
  - Please check if the "Network Type" option in the settings menu is set to "Wi-Fi".
  - Be sure to press the knob for more than 5 seconds tn enter Wi-Fi Connection Mode.
A: - Please check if the "Network Type" option in the settings menu is set to "Wi-Fi".
  - Please confirm that the access password of the wireless network is correct and try again.
  - Please check the signal strength of the wireless network where the device is located. Please place the device as close as possible to the Wi-Fi router or reduce wall blocking.
A: - Re-enter Add Device Wizard in MA Remote, select "Add Device Automatically", wait for the scan results and add the device.
  - Check the IP address in settings menu of element device, select "Add Device Manually" in Add Device Wizard in MA Remote and enter the IP address.
A: - Please check if the "Network Type" option in the settings menu is set to "LAN".
  - Please check whether the router has the DHCP enabled. If it is disabled, the device cannot obtain an IP address.
A: Make sure that the element device is connected to the LAN over Wi-Fi or a network cable. After the network is successfully connected, the corresponding network status icon will light up in the upper left corner of the screen, then enter the settings menu and scroll to the "Product Info" item to view the IP address, select "Add Device Manually" in MA Remote's Network Connection Wizard, you can add element device by IP address.
A: - Please check if the volume is set to proper position on the Apple device (iOS device or MAC device).
  - Please select the input channel of element device as Network.
  - Please make sure that the music player app you're using supports DLNA and make sure that the function is enabled. Then select the element device as the target from the DLNA device listed in the app.
A: - DLNA is a media transmission protocol proposed by the Digital Living Network Alliance. Its official organization has terminated the maintenance of the DLNA protocol. Some music apps do not have comprehensive support for DLNA functions, and some have even cancelled DLNA support.
  - Some Android phone has power management program, the program may not allow applications to run in the background. Please allow add the music app run in the background.
A: - At present, the element series products only support SMBv1 and SMBv2 protocols, so please check the sharing protocol settings of your NAS device.
  - Please check that the sharing folder path is valid and complete, and that the username / password is correct.
A: - Because the network router assigns IP addresses to the network hardware connected to it randomly, sometimes after the device restarts, it will obtain a different IP address than when it was last connected. After the IP address of the element device changes, you need to search for and add the device again in MA Remote.
  - In order to avoid the above situation, you can set a fixed IP address binding with the MAC address of the element device in the router configuration. You can check the MAC address of the device from the "Product Info" item in the settings menu of element device.
A: - MA Remote can obtain the correct album cover and artist images from the internet when the music files carry complete and accurate metadata. If a music file lacks metadata, it cannot obtain the image from the internet.
  - Due to the different service conditions of ISPs (Internet Service Provider), the speed of obtaining album and artist images may be different in different countries or regions.
  - Try "Clear cached jacket pictures" and "Clear cached artist pictures" in "Settings" in MA Remote, and then tap "Reacquire album art and artist images".
A: - Please confirm that your Tidal membership subscription is valid.
  - Please check your network connection. If the internet speed cannot meet the MQA or Hi-Fi streaming media quality, please try to select lower streaming audio quality.
A: - Please check weather the output setting of the element device is selected as “Headphone” output.
  - If you are using element X, please confirm whether the headphone output mode of element device has been set according to your headphone interface standard correctly. Element X supports TRS 6.35mm single-ended headphones, 4-Pin XLR balanced headphones and dual 3-Pin XLR balanced headphones.- Please make sure that the headphone output volume has been adjusted properly.
A: - Please check if the device volume is turned on to a proper position.
  - Please check if the output mode of the hostelement device is set to "XLR/RCA" mode.
A: - The current tests found that, some mobile phones (such as Huawei phones using the EMUI system) will pop-up a dialogue box asking "This WLAN network has no Internet access. Connect anyway?" after connected to the Matrix_Audio_Config hotspot. You need to select "Connect", otherwise the configuration will not be successful.
  - A similar situation will occur on iPhones. When iPhone determines that the network cannot access the Internet, it will temporarily stay on the cellular data network. Therefore, although it appears to be connected to the Matrix_Audio_Config network hotspot, the status bar of the iPhone still displays as other networks. (Such as 4G), you need to wait for the network connection status to change to the Wi-Fi icon before proceeding to the next step.
A: - The application requests location permission in order to obtain the SSID list of the Wi-Fi network in the user's environment. If you deny MA Remote's request for this permission, you cannot configure Wi-Fi network connection for element device through MA Remote.
  - In addition to allowing the app to request location permissions, you also need to confirm that the location function of the mobile phone is turned on. Otherwise, MA Remote still cannot read the Wi-Fi SSID list in the environment.


A: Yes, X-SABRE Pro has digital volume control function, and you can optionally turn on the +18dB gain.
A: X-SABRE Pro is a pure DAC, it only have 1 pair of XLR output and 1 pair of RCA output, no headphone output. If you want to set an X-SABRE Pro as an audio source of your headphone Hi-Fi system, you also need a headphone amplifier.
A: The IIS, also can be expressed as I²S (Inter-IC Sound), is an electrical serial bus interface standard used for connecting digital audio devices together. It is the high-speed channel of audio stream between ICs. The IIS port has the same shape with HDMI port, but using the PS Audio’s pin definition. So it does NOT support regular HDMI connection, please don’t try to connect your X-SABRE Pro or X-SPDIF 2 to non-IIS input/output devices.
A: The XLR and RCA of X-SABRE Pro can output at the same time. No matter it output simultaneously or respectively, the parameters (SNR, THD+N, crosstalk etc.) of outputs are the same as we declared in the specifications.
A: Once the X-SABRE Pro connected to the power, there will be 5 seconds initializing process. In this period, your X-SABRE Pro will not respond to any operations, the power LED is light up, till the red LED indicator turn off, then you can turn the DAC on.
A: There is 1 ES9038PRO D/A chip in an X-SABRE Pro. ES9038PRO is a high performance 32-bit 8-channel DAC, we use each 4 D/A units process 1 channel audio stream, which constructed the 8 mono to stereo structure. So it’s no need to use more ES9038PRO chips in X-SABRE Pro.


A: Yes, all the digital input can support DSD signal, USB input support up to DSD256, the rest of digital input support up to DSD64.
A: It is output at same time, you can connect two headphones on it at same time.
A: You can download the configuration guide from our official website.
A: Yes, they are output at same time.
A: It can be set under the “PRE” mode.
A: It has the PRE function, setting from the configuration menu, and it can increases the line output to up +10dB, easy to connect the active speaker.
A: The customer can update the firmware of XMOS, MCU, and FPGA via the USB port.
A: There will have less than 1W power consumption under the standby status.

Mini-i Pro 2 (Mini-i Pro 2S)

A: Yes, Both of Mini-i Pro 2 and Mini-i Pro 2S have digital volume control function, But the max volume of Mini-i Pro 2 is 0dB, the Mini-i Pro 2S can be configured to +18dB optionally.
A: The Mini-i Pro 2 uses ES9016S D/A chip, and the Mini-i Pro 2S uses ES9026PRO D/A chip;Mini-i Pro 2‘s max volume is 0dB, and the Mini-i Pro 2S is +18dB; Mini-i Pro 2 has only 2 kinds of PCM filters, the Mini-i Pro 2S has 7 kinds of PCM filters; DSD audio stream only supported vis USB port in Mini-i Pro 2, but in Mini-i Pro 2S, in addition to the USB port, the coaxial, optical and AES/EBU also can support DSD audio stream (DSD64 DoP).
A: When the headphone connected to Mini-i Pro 2 (Mini-i Pro 2S), the lineout would turn off automatically.

Mini-i AMP

A: There will be better performance when the Mini-i AMP connected with loudspeakers which impedance is 4~8 ohms and the sensitivity is higher than 85dB. If your loudspeakers’ sensitivity is very low, we suggest you buy 2 Mini-i AMPs to establish the BTL system.
A: The Mini-i AMP is a pure power amplifier, not an integrated amplifier, so you need a pre-amplifier to adjust the output level, or your audio output devices can adjust output volume directly.


A: The line output will be auto muted when the headphone plug is inserted.
A: HPA-3U⁺ can drive the headphones between 30-600 ohms.
A: There are three levels of gain can be adjusted on the front panel.
A: It's normal, because the HPA-3U⁺ is a class A headphone amplifier, it will hotter after working for a while.
A: The HPA-3U⁺ is upgraded from HPA-3U, the HPA-3U⁺ changed the USB module, uses CS4398 D/A chip, which support up to iBit/5.6MHz DSD audio stream, and the SNR and THD+N are promoted.


A: Yes, you can connect two headphones on it at same time.
A: There have three levels gain can be adjusted on the rear panel.
A: HPA-3B can connect with the single-ended input via the converter which is in the accessory of HPA-3B.
A: This 4-pins balance headphone output jack is a standard port, it can work with all kinds of headphones which use 4-pins balance headphone jack.
A: It is normal, because the HPA-3U is an A class mode headphone amplifier, so it will be hotter after working for a while.


A: The internal digital transformer to make USB port isolates the SPDIF output.
A: Support Windows OS, Mac OS and some versions of Linux OS.
A: The internal chip is the XMOS asynchronous transmission chip.


A: Compared with RM1, RM2 increased four buttons for each channel; you can directly select any channel.
A: The same as the definition button code of RM1; It’s fully compatible and can be used directly.
A: Yes it can, but the previous machines which are selling with RM1 will not respond for the new keys of RM2.
A: Use a CR2032 battery and can be used about 1 year after replace a new battery, you can replace the battery when it runs out.

General Questions

A: Currently all the Matrix products use the same driver software, you can download the driver installer from Matrix download page. Some of the Windows 7 users failed to install the driver, please make sure your Windows 7 was installed Service Pack 1 and KB3033929 security update.
A: Yes, you can set the appropriate voltage range on the side (bottom) of the product, there are two sections of 100V-110V and 220V-240V can be chosen.
A: The USB port of Matrix products, only use as data connection (X-SPDIF is not included), the power supply comes from the built-in toroidal transformer, so it’s no need to add external USB power supply or power cleaning devices for Matrix products.
A: Matrix products compatible with Mac OS 10.6.4 or later, and Windows XP or later. You also can connect your Matrix products to your iOS devices via Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, or to most of android devices via USB OTG cable.