DAC-1 24bit/192kHz Audio DAC

M-STAGE DAC-1 is the same appearance style size and dial the lever switch mode of operation, easy collocation is used.

M-STAGE DAC-1 through the dial the lever switch can quickly select input channel, and can be used for internal digital filter ROLL OFF mode Settings, with simple sampling rate indication, volume auto fade in, prevent excessive volume caused by fear and hearing impairment, considerate design and simple operation make you enjoy music.

The top BURR-BROWN PCM1792 D/A unit, equipped with ultra-low jitter digital receiver chips and independent clock, USB use TAS1020B transmission chip, analog op-amp using audio grade op-amp OPA2134, in order to get the best signal playback effect.

Optical and coaxial support 24 bit/192kHz signal playback and USB interface support 24bit/96 kHz signal playback, supports Windows and MAC OS system(no need to install driver).

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